Merchant Bill of Rights 

  • Merchants Are Guaranteed Honest And Consistent
    Processing At A Fair Price. 
  • STM Is Committed To Controlling Your Cost As The
    Marketplace Changes.  Every Year Visa/MasterCard
    Adjust The Interchange Rates.  We Will Never Use
    This Adjustment As A 'Profit Enhancement'.

  • Merchants Are Offered Full Disclosure And Open
    Access To Visa/MasterCard's Interchange Rates.

  • STM Guarantees To Review Any Legitimate
    Competitor's Offer To Ensure That Your Rates
    Remain Competitive.

  • All Merchants Are Provided With The Most Current
    Fraud Protection Features To Ensure Your Data
    And Transactions Are Secure.

  • Merchants Have 24 X 7 Help Desk Support.
  • Merchants Are Provided With Billing Statements
    Which Are Easy To Read And Understand.

  • Merchants Have Secure Access To Informative
    Online Reports That Simplify Reconciliation.



STM is dedicated to providing superior service in every aspect of transaction processing.  Serving the needs of our customers is our number one priority.  Your satisfaction is tied to our continued success and as such we set forth this Merchant Bill of Rights.

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