Case Study - Lower Your Cost With Level III 

Visa and MasterCard have created an Interchange price model that has different rules and rates for processing Small Business, Purchase, and Corporate cards.  Most Business-To-Business merchants are still processing Level I consumer transactions.  Since they do not meet the rules of business card transactions these merchants are experiencing unnecessary downgrades and excessive surcharges.

STM has led the charge in controlling these increases by delivering Level II data.  By sending the Invoice Number and Sales Tax information with your transactions you eliminate Interchange elevation and qualify for lower rates.

STM is proud to announce the additional savings of Level III processing.  By using our web-based tool, your business will comply with all Level III data requirements including Tax, Product, Customer and Commodity Codes.  With this innovative offering, your business will receive the lowest possible Interchange rates and your cost will be substantially reduced.

Level III is simple to implement and easy to use.  All that is required is a PC with an Internet connection.  Standard card swipe devices and printers are easily attached.  Your employees process the transactions and the web tool does all of the work.  You enjoy the savings.

STM has partnered with Nationwide Payment Solutions and the PayTrace Payment Gateway.  These service providers were founded by industry experts who understand the complexity of processing Business-To-Business transactions and are committed to delivering the solutions that will increase your performance and lower your cost.  All transactions are secure, processed with the highest speed, the greatest accuracy, and the lowest possible Interchange rates.

Industrial Equipment Dealer Has 73%
Of Total Volume Processed As Level III
Manufacturer Saved 30 Basis Points
NEMEON Member Eliminated Downgrades
IMARK Member Processes Large Commercial Tickets


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